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Wedding Planning Services at Memories Of A Lifetime Inc.

Wedding Website
Included with all our packages!

We treat every wedding we plan like the social event of a lifetime it truely is! We create an online presence for your wedding that allows you to link your social network to your very own wedding website, complete with open to the public as well as private spaces to showcase your special day and related events.

Annouce Your Wedding and related events to your social network with a link to your wedding website.

Guestlist Management - We will give you an online database to centralize and manage your guestlists.

Online RSVP Service - Allow your guests to RSVP online.

Online Concierge Services - We will provide your guests with suggestions and tips for where to stay, and what to do, eat, see, near your wedding venue.

Scrapebook/Keepsake - After your wedding your website becomes a scrapbook keepsake of your special day and related events.

Mailing Services

Save The Date - We will mail your guestlist a save the date announcement.

Invitation services include managing your invitation vendor contract, providing your guestlist to your vendors as needed, as well as providing you printed copies of your guestlist on lables, placecards, etc. as you need it.

RSVP Services - If we are hosting your guestlist then this service is available to you! Just use our address and we will manage the reciept of your responses.


The initial consultation takes approximately two hours and will provide you with a multitude of ideas and inspirations for your special day. The consultation is free if you book your wedding with us.

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